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1. Why have Saracens invested in a Netball team? 

  • We believe that Saracens stands for independent spirit and sporting excellence.  Our reputation extends beyond men’s first team rugby.  It’s the reason why we have an established global network of clubs, a successful women’s squad and strong affiliation to athletics.
  •  Part of our growth strategy is to actively collaborate with others that share our ethos and can help widen our audience. For this reason, we have joined forces with Mavericks netball team, as there are clear areas of natural synergy.  The partnership offers mutually beneficial opportunities through shared learnings, co-creation and commercial investment that will help to fuel the next phase of growth for both parties.

    2. Who are Mavericks?  (Currently Benecos Mavericks) 

  • Formed in 2005 in partnership with England Netball,  Mavericks is a franchise team in the Vitality Netball Superleague.  
  • Mavericks’ overarching aim is to help England to become the best netball nation in the world. 
  • This is underpinned through the team’s commitment to developing players, coaches, umpires and staff to excel in this field. 
  • Mavericks are two-time winners of the Superleague (the last time in 2011).  
  • The current squad consists of exciting talent of rising stars and established England international players such as Sasha and Kadeen Corbin. 

    3. Where will Mavericks play their matches? 

  • Mavericks play at the University of Hertfordshire Sports Village, as well as University of Essex, Colchester and a showcase game at Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes.  

    4. Will Mavericks move to Allianz Park? 

  • There is a strong partnership in place with the University of Hertfordshire and we have no current plans for the Mavericks to move home.

    5. How will 50% stake in Mavericks benefit Saracens?

  • We believe both parties will benefit from this agreement through shared learnings, resource, access to broader audience and commercial investment.
    For example: Alignment of resource and culture 
  • Performance > Strength and Conditioning | Physiotherapists | Coaching | Performance Pathway – Academy learnings 

    6. Netball Audience

  • 85% female Average age of spectators are 25-45 years old mainly families and netball participants 
  • Established community programmes are create new Mavericks’ spectators and grow the sport at grassroots level. 
  • Junior teams and external feeder clubs create the talent pathway to the senior team

    7. What will Saracens’ involvement with Mavericks be? 

  • The plan is to integrate key business functions that will help to develop Mavericks’ future growth including commercial operations, communications and marketing.  
  • Furthermore, the integration and sharing of elite performance functions such as strength and conditioning, player welfare and physiotherapists. 

    8.Will Saracens season ticket holders receive discounted tickets to Mavericks matches? 
  • We are exploring ways of creating shared benefits across the entire Saracens supporter base and ticketing is an area that is under consideration.

    9.When is the netball season? 
  • January 2019 – May 2019 and is followed by the Netball World Cup which will be hosted in Liverpool 12-21 July.

    10. What will the name of the team be?
  • Saracens Mavericks

    11. Will Mavericks wear Saracens colours?
  • Exact playing kit and branding direction is still to be confirmed, but the partnership aims to develop close strategic and brand integration wherever possible.

    12. Will Mavericks have the same sponsors as Saracens?
  • As Mavericks already have sponsors in place, commercial partnerships will not be aligned with Saracens in the short-term.  
  • However, moving forwards, we believe that new and exciting commercial opportunities can be generated with existing and future partners that serve both Saracens and the Mavericks.

    13. Why is this a good move for Mavericks?
  • Saracens is a strong sporting brand which will open up new network and commercial opportunities for Mavericks as well as access to and sharing of elite performance insight from a best in class sports team.  
  • Support from award-winning Saracens Sport Foundation to expand its community programme. 
  • Business Support > Expertise of the Saracens’ commercial team | Development of culture through ‘The Saracens Way’ programme.
    14. Does this acquisition have a negative impact on Saracens Women?

  • On the contrary. This partnership further demonstrates our continued commitment to the development and growth of women’s sport.  We believe there are some excellent areas for collaboration that will benefit both teams.

    15. Will Mavericks players/coaching staff receive a salary?
  • Mavericks already operates in an efficient and effective manner.  We are presently considering how the partnership will be best served going forward and that includes playing and non-playing resources.

    16. Why are Saracens investing in other sports?

  • We believe that a combination of a multi-sports model and expansion into overseas territories are key to future success.  This approach will widen Saracens’ audience and positively contribute towards future growth.  Our focus is to collaborate with others who share our ethos to the benefit of all.

    17. What other sports do you plan to invest in?

  • We are considering our options and aim to collaborate with others in the future that share the same ethos. 


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Saracens Rugby Club is pleased to announce it has acquired 50% stake in Vitality Netball Superleague team, benecosMavericks, in a mutually beneficial partnership that will help fuel the next phase of growth for both organisations.

The North London Rugby Club and the renamed Saracens Mavericks are culturally aligned through their independent spirit and constant drive for sporting excellence.  This strategic partnership will be underpinned by; sharing resources and insight for elite player performance, access to a wider fanbase, commitment to community outreach programmes and the integration of key business functions.

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